Easy ways to share the message of Jesus for today’s fast-paced lives using Mel Gibson’s new movie Hacksaw Ridge.

Goodbye Braveheart, hello Hacksaw Ridge. Mel Gibson received a staggering 10-minute standing ovation for his latest director efforts at the Venice Film Festival, last month. The Sydney Morning Herald reported “Gibson’s comeback film is . . . expected to be a serious contender at the Oscars later this year”.

With such a moving portrayal which tells the true story of Desmond Doss, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian who saved 75 men during World War II, there isn’t much we need to do share our hope-filled faith with others. But if you feel sharing your faith doesn’t come naturally to you, Hacksaw Ridge just gave you at least seven new opportunities!

Try these 7 simple ideas.

    1. Talk to friends who have seen the movie – share that you’re a Seventh-day Adventist and discuss questions they may have.
    2. Give out Hero of Hacksaw Ridge books (available in bulk, 100+ from your local conference, or smaller quantities at your local Adventist Book Centre).
    3. Pray that those who see the film are inspired to seek and experience faith in Jesus.
    4. Share a faithofdoss.com card/flier (available from your local conference office).
    5. Share/like/email the faithofdoss.com website, articles and offers on your social media accounts.
    6. Invite friends over for a Friday night/Saturday meal so they can experience Sabbath with you.
    7. Organise and invite friends to a Faith of Doss weekend at your local church within three weeks of the movie premiere (November 3). For eg. Friday night – Conscientious Objector Documentary viewing; Sabbath – Talk on the gift of the Sabbath; Sabbath afternoon – Talk on “Who are the SDA’s?”

This is just a start to the many other opportunities you may find to share one man’s hope in Jesus, and with prayer and your imagination, anything is possible.

How else could you use Hacksaw Ridge to share your faith?


  1. Great ideas! In Poland young people have gone even further. Like you they have set up a website (in Polish), desmonddoss.pl. They are aiming for a “Ice Bucket Challenge” type activity: #BeLikeDoss Challange. Do something special for others and share by short video or text to encourage others + nominate 2-3 your friends to pass Challange. They plan to support this activity with gifts for those who will be first in the “chain”. They are also planning a ‘fun run’ with a difference: You need to run with extra weight on your back, like Desmond with injured soldiers. They hope that this
    will attract media attention. They also plan to do surveys with people as they exit watching the film.

  2. Thank you Victor for your great suggestions! I love to hear how people are using Hacksaw Ridge to share their faith with others.

  3. the film hits the screen in Fiji on Nov 10, Kym Is it possible if we could get a hold of some of those special ‘Desmond Doss’ booklets so our youth could give out….

  4. Melbourne Church said:

    One church in Melbourne has booked out a local cinema and offered free movie passes to the community in their area. More than 100 people took them up on the offer in one short afternoon of door-knocking.

  5. Some movie theatres in NSW (Glendale and Raymond Terrace) have the movie showing on Sunday, 30 October (Raymond Terrace) and Wednesday, 2 November(Glendale). I wish the books were available for us to share before the 3rd November.

    • Hi Jenny, the film distributor have asked us to hold off until the movie premieres. I wish we could access it sooner too. Watch this space!

  6. After watching the advance screening of this movie from the Bible Forum, I offered to purchase the DVD so that our church members can view and discuss in the church but NO, not endorse by my church. The reason was that he presumed that most church members have seen the movie. I love to share the movie especially for the moving words from Doss’s plead to the LORD to help one more. Despite my church, I shared the movie with my friends and colleagues. Sometimes I feel my church is so restricted in some kind of format and not reach out to the community. What is your take on these circumstances. I pray that everyone has daily revival and change especially for the leaders.

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