Like Mother’s Day, I wish we didn’t have just one day to acknowledge all that goes unsaid to our pastors. Wouldn’t it be great if we showed how grateful we were to our pastors all the time? Luckily, we have the whole of October to help us remember to be thankful for the rest of the year.

Here’s a list of ten, and many of them cost no money, but take just a little time. And each one will be greatly appreciated!

Ten Ways To Make Your Pastors Day:

  1. A handwritten letter committing to pray for your pastor. I bet your pastor prays for you, but when did you last tell your pastor that you prayed for them?
  2. A handwritten letter of support. It’s a sad reality that pastors receive criticism more regularly than words of support. Your pastor would be touched to hear something positive every once in a while. And handwritten!
  3. An anonymous letter with cash. A gift for the pastor, not the church! Most pastors have very little extra funds to buy books or resources, especially pastoral interns.
  4. A gift card. Find out what your pastor really likes. A gift card doing/eating where they love will not go unnoticed.
  5. A childcare certificate. Commit to a certain number of days to watch the pastor’s kids, assuming the kids are still at an age that need childcare. As a mother of young children, this could be an incredible gift for pastors and their spouses.
  6. A handwritten letter expressing how much difference the pastor has made your life. Imagine being specific – letting your pastor know how much their ministry means to you personally.
  7. A handwritten letter of gratitude to the pastor’s spouse. Pastors’ spouses rarely get affirmed. Your letter of gratitude will mean so much—both to the spouse and to the pastor!
  8. Books. Most pastors love books. Most pastors have a wish list of books they would like. If you can’t find something from their specific wish list, a gift card from a bookshop or Audible voucher for them is just as good.
  9. Video of gratitude. Produce a video to be shown in the worship service. Have testimonies of gratitude. Show specific ways the pastor has made a difference. Express gratitude to the pastor’s family as well.
  10. Remember their anniversary. Do you know when your pastor started at your church? Remember it and celebrate it when that date arrives.

Even though most pastors go into pastoral ministry not expecting recognition or rewards, imagine the difference it could make to their energy levels and enthusiasm to be acknowledged in just one of these ways!

I hope you will be one of those church members.

(Original article adapted from here.)


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