What will we be known for in the COVD-19 pandemic?

It’s a crisis of global proportions, fear and scarcity are driving public impulse. How do we respond? Unprecedented times may call for extreme measures, but also provide an unparalleled opportunity for our Churches and communities to become beacons of love, peace and hope amidst all the uncertainty. So how do we love well during a crisis?


Don’t know your neighbours? Now is a great chance to get to know them. Are you healthy? Drop by and let them know that you are available if they need help. Offer to run errands, pray for them and let them know of your churches online services. If you have extra supplies like hand soap, paper towel or toilet paper, share them with those who may be elderly or isolated.


Doing your part to flatten the curve doesn’t have to mean complete social isolation, reach out to friends and co-workers via phone or sms. Setup a zoom or facetime to check in on those who might be in self-isolation or quarantine. Give compassion to those who may be experiencing uncertainty with employment during this time. Use this as an opportunity to share why you have a sense of peace in such uncertain times.


Take the opportunity to reach out to leaders who are taking extra lengths to keep our communities safe, attend online small groups and services, respond to emails and continue to keep engaged with your local Church. If you aren’t able to attend a worship service, continue to return your tithes and offerings via electronic means. Ask who needs help; talk to your ADRA or outreach leader for ways that you can assist those in need.


As social distancing measures increase the economic stress on small businesses will become greater, both owners and employees will be put in challenging financial situations. Help keep these places running through supporting local business, buying gift cards that can be used later, or ordering from local restaurants. Community issues still continue during a pandemic, consider donating extra items you have to local shelters and aid organisations.

For practical tips on transferring your Church services online visit: https://www.sdadata.org/goingdigitalcovid19.html

For updated SS Videos for use in your weekly services: https://disciple.org.au/resource_category/sabbath_school/

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