Discover the Power of Connection: Dare 2 Connect Books Officially Launched!

In an exciting development shared at the recent Executive Meeting, the AUC Personal Ministries Department has officially launched the Dare 2 Connect books. These remarkable books, crafted with the contributions of 13 dedicated individuals from across Australia, are designed to help you forge stronger bonds with God and others.

Dare 2 Connect Launched!


Why Dare 2 Connect Books?

These books are more than just collections of words; they are tools to enrich your spiritual journey and community connections. Let’s dive into what makes each of these books special and why you should consider adding them to your reading list.

Dare 2 Connect with God

Imagine having a Swiss army knife for your spiritual journey. That’s what the Dare 2 Connect with God book offers. Whether you’re spending time in solitary reflection, participating in a study group, or engaging in deep, meaningful conversations, this book has something for you. It is filled with heartfelt devotionals from people all over Australia, each ending with thought-provoking questions designed to stir your soul and draw you closer to God. There is a QR code in the book, from the contributors sharing their testimonies. This book is a perfect companion for anyone looking to deepen their faith and understanding.

Dare 2 Connect With God

Dare 2 Connect with Others

The Dare 2 Connect with Others book is equally impactful, focusing on bridging gaps—whether cultural, background or even religious. Through this book, you’ll encounter diverse stories and experiences shared by different voices, each offering a unique perspective. There is a QR code in this book as well, from the contributors sharing their testimonies. This book is a celebration of community and the power of shared experiences.

Dare 2 Connect with Others


A Gift Worth Sharing

Dare 2 Connect books are more than just reading material; they are gifts waiting to be shared. By spreading these books within your community, among your church family, or with friends, you are not just sharing stories—you are spreading love and fostering connections. These books provide a simple yet powerful way to give back and enrich the lives of those around you.

These inspiring books are available in all ABC stores. Ready to make a difference?   Visit Dare 2 Connect Resources and grab your copies today.

Let’s build stronger, more connected communities together!

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