The South Pacific Division has partnered with the Greater Sydney Conference to produce 13 x 5-minute videos complimenting each Sabbath School lesson for the first quarter of 2018. Each video features insights from stewards around the South Pacific.

Download or play the videos below on your phone, tablet or laptop and use them as discussion starters for each lesson on stewardship throughout the first quarter of 2018 (click video title to download)

2018 Sabbath School Series Promo Video

1. The Influence of Materialism (Brendan Pratt – 6 Jan)

2. I See, I Want, I Take (Julian Archer – 13 Jan)

3. God or Mammon (Cristian Copaceanu – 20 Jan)

4. Escaping the World’s Ways (Sven Ostring – 27 Jan)

5. Stewards of Eden (Christina Hawkins – 3 Feb)

6. The Mark of a Steward (Greg Pratt – 10 Feb)

7. Honesty with God (Ken Long – 17 Feb)

8. Giving (Eva Ing – 24 Feb)

9. Offerings of Grattitude (Lyndelle Peterson – 03 Mar)