On June 5-9, 2017, thousands of Adventists across Australia will open their homes and reach out to the community. Join the OpenHome movement by opening your home for a meal, prayer and gift to friends, neighbours or colleagues – simple, easy and effective evangelism anyone can do here and now. Register below for more information, training and resources.

Steps to be a part of the Open Home Movement:

  1. ThinkThink of a friend, neighbour, colleague to invite over for dinner
  2. PrayPray for God to open their hearts for deeper friendship and spiritual interest
  3. RegisterUse the form on the right to register and select a suitable ‘gift/resource’ to share with them when they come over for dinner (e.g. Categories are: faith, lifestyle (inc health), relationships)
  4. InviteInvite them over for dinner
  5. EnjoyEnjoy a social meal together
  6. PrayOffer to pray for them before they leave
  7. GiveGive them a free gift before they leave, and if/where appropriate, invitation to other church events (4 categories – lifestyle, youth (e.g. Pathfinders, stormco), community service (e.g. Garden, 25000 spins, etc), spiritual (e.g. Evangelistic seminar, etc)

Recommended Gifts:

Click on the gifts below to view details and order online – also available at local ABC’s.

Promotional Materials:

Open Home Flier (full page)

Open Home Flier (half page)

Open Home Video

Open Home Video (captioned)

Open Home Logo (Adobe Illustrator file)