The Stewardship Revival Week, written by Pastor Ioan Câmpian Tâtar, the Stewardship Ministries Director of the Inter-European Division, serves as an instrument for a thorough introspection exercise. He probes into some Bible stories and leads his readers to ask the fundamental life question: Am I seeking God first in the nitty-gritty of my existence?

We encourage each local church to plan and organise the “God First” week of prayer to nurture God’s stewards for their journey to eternity. The General Conference Stewardship team prays that this program will serve as a refreshing and refilling stop for each of us.

Seeking First the Kingdom: PDF

Daily Readings and Graphics for Social Media

Day 1: From Sadness to Singing – PDF | PNG
Day 2: The Delight of Kindness in Real Life – PDF | PNG
Day 3: No Compromise in Babylon – PDF | PNG
Day 4: Missionary in Samaria – PDF | PNG
Day 5: Healing Time – PDF | PNG
Day 6: Back to Bethel – PDF | PNG
Day 7: The Gift of Love – PDF | PNG
Day 8: Stewards for the End Time – PDF | PNG

Day 1 to 8: PDF ZIP | PNG ZIP