Click the link below to access the Tithe and Offering Readings 2022 for your local conference. Download the readings and use them during services to help explain the offering for the day and give a spiritual message behind worship through giving.

General Conference Tithe & Offering Readings and Videos 2022 – Available here

2022 Offering Booklets by Conferences

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Upcoming Offerings

May 21 – Health Strategy: 10,000 Toes Campaign (SPD)

Health week is 14 – 21 May 2022 with the special offering being taken up on May 21. Our focus for this week is “An Empowered Life”. Click on any of the following resources to download.
Social Media Resources  |  Empowered Life 7-Day Devotional  |  Children’s Resources

May 7 – South Pacific Record (SPD)

RECORD Offering Sabbath 7 May – Adventist Record plays an important part in connecting our church family in these uncertain times. With a weekly e-newsletter, daily website stories, social media and our fortnightly print magazine, Adventist Record is more accessible than ever before in a way that is convenient to you. This week’s offering (May 7) provides you with an opportunity to give back and to ensure that we can continue to provide church news, inspirational stories and important information to the Seventh-day Adventist church across the South Pacific and beyond!

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April 9 – Hope Channel

Other Resources: Bulletin insertVisuals for social media (ZIP file)

March 12 – Adventist World Radio

Other Resources:  AWR Poster  |  Bulletin Insert  |  Church or Sabbath School Reading  |  Letter to Local Church  |  Visuals for social media (ZIP File)
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February 12 – Disaster & Famine Relief (Union)

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January 22 – Discipleship of Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired (SPD)

Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired (CSFBHI) is an integral part of the Adventist Church’s ministry to people with special needs. Focused church offerings, donations and bequests allow CSFBHI to provide free services to thousands of people with special needs. These services include audio and braille resources for the blind, captioning and audio augmentation for the deaf and hard of hearing, advocacy and awareness building, and development grants to qualifying blind or deaf individuals or related organisations. Learn more at the  CSFBHI website. Please give generously and sacrificially on 22 January as you share God’s blessings with others in real need. Thank you. (Australians can also make a tax-deductible donation online at any time through the ‘Blind & Hearing Impaired’ offering on eGiving.)
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June 11 – Avondale University (SPD)
July 9 – World Mission Budget
July 23 – Global Partnership Project – Timor Leste (Union)
August 13 – Comprehensive Media Evangelism (SPD)
August 20 – Mamarapha College (Union)
September 10 – Annual Sacrifice (Global Mission)
October 8 – ADRA Community Projects (Union)
November 12 – World Mission Budget (Unusual Opportunities)
December 10 – Mission to the Cities (SPD)