What is AdHub?

Adventist Hub (AdHub) is a contact management tool that empowers churches, schools and more to record track member/guest information, activities, event attendance and follow-up.

To log-in/access AdHub – click on ‘Hub’ in the top right hand corner of navigation bar above, or go to hub.adventistchurch.com

Click on the user manuals on AdHub below for step by step guides. Manuals updated for AdHub v 2.0

To gain AdHub access for your local church/group or for more information/support, contact: aucdisciple@adventist.org.au

Account Activation

Activate account and log-in to Ad-Hub


Team Owner/Leader (e.g. Pastor, Chaplain, Personal Ministries Leader, etc)

Team Member (e.g. church member, Bible Worker, etc.)

Contact Transfers

Receive new contacts from external entity (Team owners/leaders)

Assign/Transfer single contact within team (Team owners/leaders)

Assign/Transfer single contact within team (Team members)

Assign/Transfer multiple contacts within team (Team owners/leaders)

Assign/Transfer single contact to another team (Team owners/leaders)

Creating a New Contact

Create new contact or church member

Creating a New User

Make an existing church member an AdHub user


Add/edit contact activities


Add/edit single event

Add/edit recurring event


AdHub Organizational Structure


AdHub Contact/User Structure