In the Gospel of John, Andrew finds his brother Simon and brings him to Jesus. This beautiful act of introducing someone to Christ can be our mission too. With the "Be an Andrew" card, we are reminded of the simple yet profound steps to share our faith and invite others into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Be an Andrew - Card

Why This Card Matters

This card is more than just a piece of paper; it is a guide to being a true disciple of Christ. It outlines four easy steps—Pray, Share, Invite, and Bring—to help you introduce a friend to Jesus. It serves as a constant reminder that through prayer and action, we can be instruments of God’s love and grace.

How to Use This Card

  1. Pray: Start by writing down the name of someone who needs Jesus. Pray earnestly for them, asking God to open their heart and create opportunities for you to share His love.
  2. Share: Spend quality time with your friend. Share meals, attend social events, and let your friendship grow. This natural connection opens doors to talk about Christ.
  3. Invite: As your relationship deepens, invite them to an event or a church service. If they respond positively to the Gospel, continue to encourage them. If not, persist in love and prayer.
  4. Bring: Finally, bring them to church. Witnessing their spiritual journey can be incredibly rewarding as God uses you and your community to foster their relationship with Jesus.

A Gift of Eternal Value

By purchasing this card, you are not just buying a product; you are investing in the eternal soul of a friend. This card can help guide you in being a true disciple, leading others to the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Get Your “Be an Andrew” Card Today

Make a difference in someone’s life. Be an Andrew. Share the love of Jesus with a friend and watch as God works through you to bring them closer to Him.

Together, let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus, one friend at a time.