Children's Ministry Easter Program. It's time to go beyond bunnies and easter eggs. It's time to teach kids the true meaning of Easter.

With worship services cancelled this Easter due to the coronavirus crisis, it is essential that this special time of year doesn’t slip by unnoticed and unheralded.

Christ’s death on the cross to save us from our sins, is the single most important event in human history.

These resources might just make the difference for your children this Easter.

Feel free to use them to teach the true meaning of Easter this April. Remember, it’s not about the bunnies.


Welcome to Big Camp @ Home 2020

Video Message from Pastor Tony Knight – HERE

NEW – Pastor Daron Talks about the
             True Meaning of Easter

Tips for Putting a Program Together

Big Camp Worship Programs for Children – A How To Guide


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Sing along with HAPPYCAZ

Sing along with Kylie and Brenton




The Science Room – Object Lessons


Balloon Kaboom! with Daron Pratt


The Lost Sheep – Easter Story Readings

  • STUCK AT HOME – With Cecil the Lost Sheep – (External Link) Oh No! Andrew McDonough the bloke who draws Cecil the Lost Sheep and other Bible stories for Kids is stuck in 14 days ‘Stay At Home’ isolation. To stop himself going bonkers, Andrew’s going to post a story, drawings and other stuff every day. If he gets any views, he might even do some more videos once they let him out.

Crafts for Big Camp @ Home

Craft & Activity Materials Needed – CLICK HERE

DAY ONE – Light of the World

DAY TWO – Jesus the Good Shepherd

DAY THREE – Jesus is the Way

DAY FOUR – Jesus is in Control

DAY FIVE – Jesus is the Living Water

DAY SIX – Jesus is My Rock

DAY SEVEN – I Am the Resurrection and the Life

DAY EIGHT – I Am a Disciple

Crafts – Extra Resources

Just for Fun










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