These simple and engaging Bible Study Guides are a fantastic tool to share your faith with others searching to know and experience Jesus daily

Come Alive

The Come Alive series has seven lessons that concentrate on the basic principles of Christianity and are an excellent tool for one-on-one Bible studies.

  1. Being Born     |     A4 bi-fold version
  2. You’ve Been Born Again     |     A4 bi-fold version
  3. You’ve Got to Eat to Grow     |     A4 bi-fold version
  4. You’ll Learn to Talk     |     A4 bi-fold version
  5. You’re Growing . . . How Can You Tell?     |     A4 bi-fold version
  6. Get Your Exercise     |     A4 bi-fold version
  7. As You Grow . . . You’ll Need Friends     |     A4 bi-fold version

Stay Alive

Stay Alive contains fifteen lessons that encompass a deeper examination of specific truths in scripture and are an excellent tool for one-on-one Bible studies. These fresh, innovative studies provide a perfect foundation for a home Bible fellowship group, a pastors Bible study class, or one-on-one discipleship settings.

  1. He’s Coming Back
  2. When He Comes
  3. Your First Thousand Years With Jesus
  4. God’s New Earth for You
  5. Where Are You After You Die?
  6. The Destruction of the Wicked
  7. Only One Way to Heaven
  8. Baptism – Is It Necessary?
  9. Your Lord Will Be Your Lawyer
  10. Directions for Living
  11. Lord of Your Time
  12. Why Do So Many Worship on Sunday?
  13. Lord of Your Things
  14. Lord of Your Body
  15. He’ll Guide You to His Church