Welcome to the challenges, excitement, rewards and drama of disciple-making and multiplication—and of gathering new disciples into multiplying communities of faith, also known as churches. This will put you on the cutting edge of mission. It is a spiritual journey that demands teamwork, faith and prayer.

These conversation guides are designed to equip you and your team to make new disciples who can, in turn, make more new disciples. Making new disciples is the foundation for planting new churches that multiply. This is what the early disciples and apostles did. Paul multiplied disciples in new cities and districts, then planted multiplying churches. There are three conversation guides in the series:

Guide 1—Multiplying Disciples

Read Following Jesus (Signs Publishing, 2017) with this guide, along with the Gospels and a harmony of Jesus’ story such as The Desire of Ages.

Guide 2—Planting Churches

With this guide, read Following the Spirit (Signs Publishing, 2018), along with the New Testament book of Acts.

Guide 3—Cultivating Movements

To be read with Following the Apostles’ Vision (Signs Publishing, 2019), along with the New Testament epistles.

Each guides is set out for 10 to 12 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours each, with accompanying videos for use by facilitators for equipping, discussion and application with any number of groups or teams.

There is video for each of the 12 sessions of this guide. Once you have them downloaded, start Session 1—with your Bible and conversation guide open. The video will lead you through the guide, giving opportunities to pause for discussion of key ideas. For each session, there will be two, three of four video segments—each giving adequate time for discussion of key concepts.

You will find this equipping to be practical and inspiring. You will be exploring Jesus’ method of multiplying disciples—His life stories, teaching and commission to participate with Him on this journey.

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