Being the hands and feet of Jesus… Designed especially for family worship, Dusty Feet gives a unique glimpse into the lives of our Aussie pastors. Join with them as they share stories of their early encounters with God, calls to ministry, the people met, lives changed, faith shared, and the never-ending stream of adventures with the God who saves.

All across our country, God is working in amazing ways…

Each day, Dusty Feet opens a new window into the experiences, joys, heartaches and triumphs of Australian men and women, pastors called to a life on the road as servants of Jesus. Discover the scriptures especially precious to them. Discuss the questions they pose, and respond to the invitation to support them through prayer.

We Need Your Story

As part of our Impacting the Next Generation project the Ministerial Association is working with Seeds of Faith in putting together a devotional book for 2019.

The aim of the devotional book is to share stories of God’s calling, leading and guidance from our pastors.  The content will be aimed toward a 12-year-old with the intention of the devotional being a family worship resource. In telling stories from our pastors we aim to highlight how pastoral ministry is an adventure with God.

Each day will include a devotional story, up to 400 words, a matching Bible passage and three family worship discussion questions. The reader/family will then be invited to pray for that pastor.

So, what story comes to your mind when you think of God’s leading in ministry?  What story of calling, leading or inspiration will you share from your ministry?

To submit your story, complete the FORM on the right.

Thanks for being part of this project as we inspire the next generation.