Welcome to the Faith Shaper Church Implementation Journey. Faith Shaper is designed to begin a conversation in local churches that address what it takes to create effective discipleship environments for our children and youth.


PDF   |   Faith Shaper Church Implementation Guide

PDF   |  Faith Shaper Church Checklist

PDF   |  Service and Mission

PDF   |  Homes Empowered

PDF   |  Authentic Relationships

PDF   |  Participation & Intergenerational Connections

PDF   |  Noteworthy Memory Events

PDF   |  God Encounters



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Videos (click titles to download)

Introduction – Litiana Turner

1. Service and Mission – Derek McCutheon

2. Homes Empowered – Kym Piez

3. Authentic Relationships – Bronnie Simons

4. Participation – Julie Catton

5. Intergenerational Connections – Kyle Richardson

6. Noteworthy Memory Events – Hayden Petersen

7. God Encounters – Daron Pratt