Find below the promotional material for the Hope Awakens programming starting May 15.

Hope Awakens Promotional Materials
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Hope Awakens AUS & NZ 30s

Hope Awakens AUS & NZ 60s

Social Media Post for Hope Awakens AUS/NZ
Social Media Post for Hope Awakens AUS

Hope Awakens AUS Fliers 4up on A4

Hope Awakens AUS Fliers 8up on A4

WEB BANNER 885×440

WEB BANNER 1500×500

Wording for Social Media Posts

There are a lot of questions being asked right now about where this world is headed. Discover solid answers that you can rely on about where we are today in earth’s history. Join with people around the globe in this interactive series as we make sense of the moment and find answers that will give you the hope you are looking for and a hope that will last beyond our tomorrow.