How are we to interpret the parables, prophecies, sacred history, admonitions, songs of praise, prophetic visions, and dreams—the whole spectrum of inspired writing found in the Scriptures? All these questions and more will be explored in the 2nd quarter 2020 Sabbath School Bible Study Guide 'How To Interpret Scripture'. Resources include Video Clips and Discovery Bible Readings Guide.

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Adult Sabbath School Lessons and Bible Study Guide:


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1. The Uniqueness of the Bible (April 4)

2. The Origin and Nature of the Bible (April 11)

3. Jesus and the Apostles View of the Bible (April 18)

4. The Bible – The Authoritative Source of Our Theology (April 25)

5. By Scripture Alone – Sola Scriptura (May 2)

6. Why is Interpretation Needed? (May 9)

7. Languages, Text, and Context (May 16)

8. Creation: Genesis as Foundation, Part 1 (May 23)

9. Creation: Genesis as Foundation, Part 2 (May 30)

10. The Bible as History (June 6)

11. The Bible and Prophecy (June 13)

12. Dealing with Difficult Passages (June 20)

13. Living by the Word of God (June 27)

Discovery Bible Readings Guide Q2 2020 L14-L26: PDF | ZIP File (JPEGs)