InVerse is a Bible study guide for those aged 18–35+ including university students, young adults, working professionals, younger parents, and those young at heart. Use the videos below each week during third quarter to generate discussion in your small groups and Sabbath Schools.

Video series and key discussion questions for the 2nd Quarter inVerse Sabbath School guide. Click the title below to download the video. Use with youth groups, Sabbath Schools and Small Groups.

Download lessons here.

1. The Joy of Falling

2. It’s Not All As It Seems

3. Beautiful On The Outside

4. Critical Care

5. We Will Ever Work It Out

6. How to Live Dangerously

7. Knowing is not Enough

8. What I want

9. Who do you think you are?

10. A Bit Rich

11. Wait For It

12. A Sudden Stop

13. Faith: Noun and Verb