Why use this Guide?

This Guide provides a comprehensive plan for local church or regional leaders to use to equip church planting teams to reach new areas or people groups. With the New Testament book of Acts as their manual, this Guide can be used to equip teams to plant a variety of types of local churches as well as mission hub churches that will intentionally reach their city or regions. All essentials are covered, including reasons for planting, theological frames, the preparation needed, the importance of relational streams; the essential ethneoikos and mission-hub models of planting; centred-set faith and church, New Testament case-studies, ethne and oikos mapping; as well as a multiplication plan and district church planting project plan.

Who is this Guide for?

Local church leaders and ministers, mission catalysts, and state or regional mission agency and denominational leaders committed to equipping volunteer or paid church planting teams. Experience has demonstrated that when teams of 4 or more are equipped, the new church plant will be most effective and sustainable.

How to use this Guide?

This equipping can be delivered in a weekend retreat, over several weekends, or one evening a week over several weeks. It is ideal for either in-person or Zoom formats. The workshop host or facilitator could be a local minister/pastor, a key local leader, or a regional denominational or ministry/missions leader seeking to foster a movement of church planting. All invited to participate should come in their teams of 4 or more—or if the training is dome by Zoom, these teams will work together in “breakout rooms.” Together they will prepare their Church Planting Project Plan.

What resources do you need?

The host/facilitator needs to download Conversation Guide 2 (FREEhere. (NOTE: equipping videos are being prepared and will be FREE here when available.)

Each participant will need: 

  1. A printed Conversation Guide 2: Planting Churches—in which to write notes and plans.
  2. A supply of Discovery Bible Reading bookmarks and Discover Jesus starter Bibles (a compilation of Mark, John and Acts).
  3. A copy of If You Are Thirsty … You Can Be Spirit-filled (Signs 2018).

Participants will use their own Bibles, and most will also want to read Following the Spirit (Signs 2018)—so it is a good plan for facilitators to have a supply available.

All printed guides, bookmarks and books are available from the Adventist Book Centre Online (adventistbookcentre.com.au).

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