Adventists recognize that God claims 10 percent (10%) of our income as His own, and so we faithfully return His tithe to the “storehouse” (Mal. 3:10). After tithing, we give offerings according to our blessings and generosity (2 Cor. 7:6-8). There is indication in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy that regularity and proportionality are good principles to follow. We are, therefore, encouraged that our offerings be a regular percentage of our income. We call this kind of giving a “PROMISE.” Giving to those in need or to other projects may take place in addition to this. In this way, God has led us to fund the global mission of the church.

Ellen G. White clearly equates regular and systematic offerings to the tithe in importance and obligation. Both are equally expected by God, and will lead His people to recognize Him as the Origin of their income. It will increase their faith and trust on the Lord. Here are some selected quotations:
“This matter of giving is not left to impulse. God has given us definite instruction in regard to it. He has specified tithes and offerings as the measure of our obligation. And He desires us to give regularly and systematically…” CS, 80.

“… The evasion of the positive commands of God concerning tithes and offerings, is registered in the books of heaven as robbery toward Him.” CS, 77.

“If the law required tithes and offerings thousands of years ago, how much more essential are they now! If rich and poor were to give a sum proportionate to their property in the Jewish economy, it is doubly essential now.” CS, 68.

“… He gives you His blessings, and in return He requires you to bring Him your tithes and offerings…. God’s plan regarding tithes and offerings is definitely stated in the third chapter of Malachi…” CS, 75.

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