Sabbath School Coaching with Curtis Hall. Increase your Sabbath Schools's value through developing your leaders and teachers.

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Sabbath School Coaching with Curtis Hall. Increase your Sabbath Schools’s value through developing your leaders and teachers.

Meet Curtis Hall

Curtis Hall is the Founder of Sabbath School Coaching, an international training and consulting ministry based in Atlanta, GA, that specializes in working with conferences and individual churches to increase Sabbath School value through developing their department leaders and teachers.

As a church consultant and dynamic, entertaining trainer, Curtis delivers numerous training workshops each year throughout our denomination.

Curtis has taken more than 30 years of teaching excellence, along with department leadership experience, to assist scores of individual churches and numerous conferences, including South Atlantic Conference, Southwest Regional Conference, Southeastern Conference, Carolina Conference, Nevada-Utah Conference, Wisconsin Conference, Arizona Conference, Bermuda Conference, South England Conference UK, Gulf States Conference, Hong Kong-Macau Conference, Alberta Canada Conference, Northern Australia Conference, Greater Sydney Conference, Northern California Conference, Greater New York Conference, Alleghany East Conference, South Bahamas Conference, Cape Conference SA, and as a repeat trainer for the North American Division.

Curtis also served for nine years as Sabbath School General Superintendent of one of the largest Adventist churches in North America, the Atlanta Berean SDA Church, where he successfully led a Sabbath school department that serviced over 500 children and adults each week.

Curtis is the author of the seminal Hit the Mark book and has expanded his teaching by releasing his newest book, Flight Time Teaching, so that Sabbath School teachers everywhere could facilitate and enjoy vibrant, enthusiastic classroom participation and discussions. Whether your church is large or small, he is available to train you and your team in Sabbath School facilitation to take your class on a journey each and every time.

Session Dates

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Greater Sydney Conference – October 13 & 14
Pr Asofitu Leatuavao –

Northern Australia Conference – October 15 – 25
Pr Simon Gigliotti –

South Queensland Conference – October 26 – 28
Pr Greg Pratt –

South New South Wales Conference – October 29 & 30
Pr Matej Vrancic –

South Australian Conference – November 2 – 4
Pr Yong Shin Chee –

Tasmanian Conference – November 7 & 8                        
Pr Rick Hergenhan

Victorian Conference – November 10 & 11 (Melbourne Regional)
Pr Russell Bryan –