Vroom vroom, beep beep…

Ollie and his mum pulled into their favourite antique store carpark. While Mum shopped, Ollie studied the treasures lining the shelves of the rambling store. Up the back with the vintage toys Ollie found a model of Bubsie, a little red car with a big story.

Mr Lan tells Ollie the story of missionary Nevill Westwood who drove the first car, a tiny second-hand Citroën 5CV he named Bubsie, right around Australia in 1925. Together, he and fellow missionary Greg Davies, left Perth to follow dusty cattle routes, ford rivers and cross sandy deserts to visit remote stations at a time when few roads existed. Many times, a bogged and broken down Bubsie had to be left alone while the missionaries walked along distances in search of parts for a little car never designed for travel in such hash conditions. The feat was only completed thanks to Nevill’s ingenuity, determination and faith in God.

Nevill and Bubsie’s adventure took them right around Australia.
Where will God’s adventure take you?