The Ship slid through the pinky-blue waves on its way to Tasmania…

Leah and Lucas can’t wait to be in Aunt Emily’s wedding. They are surprised to discover their aunt is getting married in Collinsvale church—the very first Seventh-day Adventist church building in Australia.

The children discover the incredible stories of service and dedication that the little church represents. Two American colporteurs shared Jesus in Hobart and soon there were meetings being held in Collinsvale where a growing group of people were excited about what they were discovering.

Many attenders tramped long distances through the mud and the dark each night to hear about Jesus. But what happened when they were no longer able to meet in the school hall? Where would the people go? What sacrifices were the people of Collinsvale willing to make to learn about Jesus and His plan for them?

What sacrifices will you make to share Jesus today?