Nine short video series that unpack key concepts to go with "Enjoy the Living Word" book to address this issue of how the Bible came to be, what Adventists believe about the inspiration of scripture and why we have so many versions of the Bible and is that a problem or not.

The Bible is the Word of God. It is the special revelation of God, the plan of salvation and the history of salvation played out in the interaction between God and His creation. It is not just another book. While we have no original writings of the apostles and the prophets, there is an abundance of copies.

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The Bible and How We Read It Video Series

1. Inspiration is a divine-human partnership with Dr. Leigh Rice

2. God inspired the messages of prophets and apostles with Dr. Leigh Rice

3. We can trust the ancient manuscripts with Dr. David Thiele

4. Understanding the translation process with Dr. Barry Oliver

5. The Bible story in an oral culture with Pr. Glenn Townend

6. Tools for Bible study with Dr. Leigh Rice

7. The bible story in an oral culture with Dr. Barry Oliver

8. Ellen White and her use of Bible translations with Dr. Darius Jankiewicz

9. The World Changer bible Journey with Dr. Nick Kross