Every Sabbath in Australia church attendees participate in the mission of the church through tithes and offerings. Where do tithes and offerings go and how are they used?


Every tithe dollar received is divided between various church entities in the percentages shown in the graph above. How each entity uses tithe received is explained below.

Conferences (80%)

The majority of tithe retained by local conferences is used to fund ministry in the local church. This includes wages for pastors, bible workers, evangelists and chaplains. A smaller portion is used for admin and departmental support, conference camp expenditure and education.

Australian Union Conference (8%)

The AUC uses its tithe allocation for admin and departmental support providing national resources and initiatives in the areas of evangelism, youth, education, Australian and Torres Strait Islander Mission (ATSIM), media (HopeChannel, Faith FM), Sabbath, School, children/family/women’s ministries, ministerial  and administrative oversight for conferences.

South Pacific Division (10%)

The South Pacific Division oversees and supports mission work in new and developing fields, provides administrative oversight to Unions and large institutions (Sanitarium, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Adventist Media), manages tertiary institutions (Avondale College, Fulton College, Pacific Adventist University and equips Unions with training and resources in the areas of media, health, mission to the cities and discipleship.

General Conference (2%)

The General Conference is responsible for the spiritual and developmental plans of the church around the world. It coordinates mission work in new and developing fields, provides representative decision making processes for churches around the world (Annual Council, GC Session) and provides resources and development initiatives for world divisions in the areas of evangelism, youth, media, church history, health, education and more.


Local Church

Church Offering

Outreach, church ministries, utilities, repairs and maintenance, Sabbath School expenses, worship resources, local church school support, insurance and more

Local Conference

Conference Offering

Specific projects including new churches, evangelism, youth camp development, camp meetings, guest speakers, regional meetings

Appeal Expense

To assist in covering the costs of supplies and expense of the ADRA Appeal


Where this is collected within a Local Conference, it is allocated to assist in the funding of their education operations

Australian Union Conference

AUC Offering

Mamarapha College and other projects as designated by the Australian Union Conference

Disaster and Famine Relief

To assist ADRA Australia respond to suffering in the wake of disasters both here and overseas

South Pacific Division

Adventist Media

Bible correspondence courses, Dial-a-Prayer, Signs Ministry, Net Adventist Web Ministry, Music Ministry, letter box card supply, public relations, marketing, communications

South Pacific Division—Institutions

Avondale College and Pacific Adventist University in alternate years

Camp Mission Offerings/Pledges

Pacific Island projects as allocated by the South Pacific Division.

Christian Services for the Blind

Collected biannually to provide services to the hearing and sight impaired


Development of health, temperance and life-style projects—shared 50/50 with Local Conference and the South Pacific Division

Mission Extension

Capital expenditure projects in the Union Missions­

Pacific Island Mission Advancement

The support of pastors in the Mission Territories


Assist in the printing and supplying of the Record to members in the South Pacific Division

Tier 1 Projects

Funding long term Division, Union and Conference strategic projects in the area of discipleship, mission to the cities, media and health


Youth volunteer projects and evangelism collected biannually (odd numbered years). Funds are allocated by the South Pacific Division to Local Conferences and Missions for specific youth projects

General Conference

13th Sabbath Offering

25% to nominated World Mission projects (refer to back page of lesson pamphlet) and 75% to World Mission budget

Adventist World Radio

AM, FM radio, internet broadcasting, 10/40 window outreach

Annual Sacrifice—Unusual Opportunities

Unique mission opportunities

Sabbath School, Birthday/Thank You & Investment

Allocated for mission programs and projects in the World Divisions

World Mission

Inter-Division employee budgets, and mission budgets, distributed for world-wide mission programs and projects—General Conference

World Mission Budget Offering—Global Mission

Un-entered territories/people groups, church plants