The AUC's Youth Engagement Summit, held May 25-27, focused on strategies, opportunities and partnerships to connect with, engage, inspire and empower young Seventh-day Adventists in the life and mission of the church in Australia

Download the Youth Engagement Summit Recommendations and Presentations below:


PDF   |   YES Draft Recommendations


PDF   |   Introduction – Jeff Parker

PDF   |   What is Family? – Trafford Fischer

PDF   |   Cross Cultural Family Dynamics – Cheonneth Strickland

PDF   |   Intergenerational Connections – David Butcher

PDF   |   The Lost Art of Communication – Cristian Copaceanu

PDF   |   Institutional Partnerships – Eva Ing

PDF   |  Church, Culture, Mission – Brendan Pratt

PDF   |   We the Church – Alina van Rensburg

PDF   |   SQLD Conference – “We the Church” Overview Document

PDF   |   SQLD Conference – “We the Church” Strategy Document