Families & Technology: Living Well in the Digital Age

The Technological Age is here to stay and whilst it has endowed us with many benefits, the screen saturation in our homes and schools has created a wide range of cognitive and social deficits. What is best for our children, our homes and our communities is a question that urgently needs to be addressed. How do we bring control to the technological age that has crept up upon us and taken over our 24/7 lives?

Authored by Pr. Daron Pratt

The Power of Faithful Grandparents

Grandparents have a huge role to play in passing on faith to their grandchildren. Explore practical, insightful and easy-to-follow guide to grandparent for eternity.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt

40 Ways your Family can Serve your World

Recent research has now discovered that there is a strong correlation between families being involved in service and the spiritual growth of children. Explore simple, practical ways your whole family can engage in serving your community.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt

The Power of Mentoring Children

There is no greater single factor in a young person’s Christian growth than having a few good mentors. Discover the power of mentoring and simple, practical steps to mentor children your church and local community.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt

The Family Altar

The research is in and it is not pretty. Families are busier and fractured like never before. Explore research and practical insights into how the family altar can make a positive, life-changing difference in your home.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt

The Power of Story

“Stories capture the imagination, grab our attention and help to communicate the message.” Discover what research says about the power of stories, practical tips on how to tell great stories and recommendations for great books to start with.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt



20 Ways you can claim a God Moment with your family

“A God moment is a spoken word, an event, a meal, a prayer or an experience that powerfully shapes the faith trajectory of our children’s lives… What is important is that we as adults create these moments or seize the divine opportunities that a moment creates as they arrive.”

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt

Children, Porn & Devices

Society is losing its battle with pornography but the question is, are we as parents? Are we educating and informing our children? Are we preparing them for the porn saturated world they will inevitably face or are we too scared? Do we even want to or perhaps are we struggling with it ourselves? 

Explore this practical guide to understand the issues and support children through this challenging topic.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt

Authentic Relationships – Children’s Sabbath

Practical ideas and suggestions on how to run local church children’s Sabbath the whole church can get involved in







Tweens, Teens and the power of authentic parenting

The teenage years can be a confusing minefield and parents are often confused as to what has happened to their precious, reasonably behaved young child.

Explore this guide to help with authentic parenting.

Intergenerational Connections Booklet 2020 06.07.21

Working together to see generations connect.

Author Pr Daron Pratt


Welcome to the Faith Shaper Church Implementation Journey. Faith Shaper is designed to begin a conversation in local churches that address what it takes to create effective discipleship environments for our children and youth.


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Introduction – Litiana Turner

1. Service and Mission – Derek McCutheon

2. Homes Empowered – Kym Piez