Discover a new Sabbath School App designed by members for members with fantastic features, multiple Bible translations/languages and 'single tap' access to each day's lesson.

As we experience the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we are reminded of the importance of studying the Scriptures for ourselves, and not letting popes, priests, pastors, and spiritual leaders dictate to us what we are “supposed” to believe.

In 1852, James and Ellen White were travelling from Rochester, New York to Bangor, Maine.  One day, they stopped on the side of the road to have lunch and give their horse a break. Sitting under a tree, James took out a pen, ink, and paper, and using his lunchbox as a desk, began to write the first Sabbath School lessons for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since then the church has been publishing the worldwide Sabbath School lessons empowering millions to explore the Bible for themselves.

In 2016 my wife and I travelled to Scandinavia to work at an Adventist boarding school.  Here we started up a Sabbath School for the students with food, music, games and the Sabbath School lesson.  However we didn’t have access to a printed version of the English lesson, and had trouble using existing Sabbath School apps.

In my search I came across Vitaliy Lim, a software developer from Canada and the head developer of a new, open-source Sabbath School app for Android and iOS.  Vitalik invited me to become a developer of the app and add in new translations.  Now like most people, I had never made an app or done any type of coding!  So I quickly jumped on Google, read lots of “How To” websites and watched YouTube to learn how to contribute to the app.  Fast forward a few months – I have now added a Danish translation and am currently working on adding five new English Bible translations into the app (ASV, ESV, NIV, NLT and MSG).

Features Include:

  • Access the Sabbath School lesson anywhere, any time!
  • Free to download for Android and iOS – designed for phones and tablets
  • Full text of the Sabbath School lesson, the “Inside Story”, as well as the “Teacher’s Comments”
  • “Easy Reading” version of the Sabbath School lesson
  • Built-in Bibles, so you just have to tap on the Bible verse reference and the Bible text pops up
  • Three built-in Bible translations (KJV, NKJV, NASB)
  • Highlight key words or sentences
  • Boxes to write comments and answers to questions
  • Login with Facebook or Google to save and sync comments and highlights across devices
  • Lessons available in 13 different languages, including: Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, German, French, Bulgarian, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish!  It’s truly an app for the worldwide Adventist Church!

Features Coming Soon:

  • 5 new English translations: ASV, ESV, NIV, NLT, MSG
  • Social integration to discuss lessons with other users


Where to find the apps:

Apple iOS


The Sabbath School app is developed by volunteers.  We are always looking for contributors to help us add new languages and features to the app, so if you have some programming experience check out the app Github at  We are open to suggestions for new features, so feel free to contact me with your ideas at:


  1. I love this app. I look up each day’s lesson and read it in the car as we drive to work. I can also look up the Bible texts and type answers to the questions. It makes lesson study easy and enjoyable.

    • Jared Martin replied:

      Hi Tania. Thanks for your support! It’s great to hear how the app is helping you study the lesson.

  2. Jared Martin said:

    Hi Gary. Thanks for your feedback. We’re certainly looking to add more languages into the app. If you know anyone who understand those languages, who has access to the lessons in those languages, and who has a bit of programming skill, please get them to send me an email:

  3. Lynnette Williams said:

    I am not into APPs and prefer paper. But I am always disappointed when scripture is suppose to be being shared and there is no old KJ bible.

    • Cristian Copaceanu replied:

      Hi Lynette,
      Thank you for your feedback. The app does include the KJV Bible as well.

  4. The purpose of studying discipleship is to disciple others and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. We all have friends and family members who need to know and grow in the knowledge and love for the Lord. As class members study discipleship, they learn new ways to witness the love and life of Christ.

  5. Jesus had a small group and his followers were the first disciples who taught us to know Christ, worship God, love others, and serve the world. New Life Class is a friendly group wanting to grow in discipleship by studying the Bible and other studies that help us grow. New members or visitors welcome!

  6. This Sunday School lesson brings to life the story of what happened after Jesus died and was buried.

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