The Disciple Kit is a comprehensive resource for everyone, designed to enhance their journey of faith and empower them to joyfully share the Gospel with others.

Disciple Kit Resources

The Disciple Kit is a transformative resource, perfect for gifting to new members joining a local church through baptism, profession of faith, or migration. It is also designed to help everyone continue their spiritual growth.

Available in various configurations for online purchase, you can click on individual resources for more detailed information.

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PLEASE NOTE.  International customers should contact the AUC Resource Centre for ordering and shipping information.

Note :

  1. In the event of the unavailability of a specific book, we offer carefully curated substitute books that address comparable subject matter, prioritizing both relevance and quality.
  2. To mitigate the impact of exorbitant shipping expenses, the kit will be dispatched in flat packs for cost-effective transportation.

Kit #1: Standard

Welcome Letter – download, edit (name/church), print, and add to kit.

Personal Growth

Training Resources

Sharing Resources
  • Optional Extras
Personal Growth
Sharing Resources

Kit #2: Plus

The Plus Kit includes ALL resources from the Standard Kit plus all the optional extras.

Case Only (50 pack)

  • Disciple Kit case – empty (available in packs of 50 unassembled cases).
    • Suitable for conferences/pastors/churches who would like to design their kit.
    • Local churches can source single empty cases from their conference office.